Sunday, 8 May 2016

VE Cosmetics - Liquid Lipstick Review


By now everyone has heard of liquid matte lipsticks, they are so popular. Most make up brands do them and if they are not, they will be soon. They are popular because of being long lasting and transfer resistant, which is great for me, I can give my little girl, Lillian, all the kisses and her cute little face won't be covered in lipstick! 

I have been lucky enough to try 6 of the new colours from my favourite vegan make up brand, VE Cosmetics. You can purchase all the colours on her website now. 

 From left to right
Babe (with the) Powers, Love Me, Fear Me, Venom, Stardust

So far I have worn 4 of the 6 colours and I have to say I am super impressed! They have been long lasting, they haven't dried my lips and I really like the creamy formula. 
I put 'Stardust' on at around 9.30am, I ate some toast, had my lunch and snacks in the day and it didnt budge. I went most of the day without topping it, and then only the insides of lips needed a little adding.'Love Me' didn't last as long in the day but topping it up a little was very quick, as it mainly just needs adding where your lips touch food you are eating. 

I really love the wand it comes with too, its nice and firm which makes applying it in a rush really easy. As the wand isn't too furry, I don't get the feathered edges I sometimes do with the other brands I use, where using a brush is much better. Although applying with a lip brush always makes it much neater! 


Stardust is without a doubt my go to nude shade from now on! I am really looking forward to having my super bright hair back, doing bright eye make up and wearing Stardust.

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