Friday, 28 October 2016

VE Cosmetics - Oval Brushes Review


I have been meaning to write this post for a while, but getting even one minute to do anything that isn't sewing or mum related is near impossible at the moment! 

I am on it now though! 

First I would just like to say how shiny they are! A unicorn rainbow dream! The 'Oval 'Unicorn Hair' Brush Set' is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

We all use make up brushes, I can proudly say I have made progress from applying my eye shadow with my fingers and even my foundation too! I have tried a few different options when it comes to applying my foundation. Using my fingers, different sponges, a regular foundation brush and now these awesome oval brushes. 

At first I looked at the huge size of the foundation oval brush and really thought I wouldn't use it, it just seemed too big! I never really have time to watch tutorials online and wasn't really sure the best way to use it. Most of the time I am in a rush when it comes to putting any make up on, so I thought I would just have a quick test and see how it went. Two words... BLOOMING AMAZING! The first thing I loved was how quick I could just apply my base foundation, it blended so well into my skin. No streaky lines or areas that seemed too caked on with foundation. I put the foundation on my face in a few areas and just blended it all over my skin, it was that easy. I was really impressed with how my first go turned out. The brushes are so soft! It just felt so lovely putting my foundation on. When it comes to make up brushes it makes a whole world of difference when they are good quality.

In the set of 5 you get 
Foundation Brush
Blusher Brush
Contour Brush
Eye shadow Brush
Large Eye shadow Brush

I use the blusher and contour brushes the most, the contour brush is great for blending high lighter. 

It really makes a change seeing such colour brushes when a lot of brushes tend to looking pretty boring!

You can also buy similar version of the two larger brushes on their own. These are the 'Unicorn Vampire Slayer Brush' These are available in large or medium and are currently only £15 each! So if you don't want to invest in the set, I really recommend the large foundation brush. 

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