Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Lunatik Hair Dye - Review


I actually wrote this blog months ago but didn't publish it. I am new to blogger!

Today my review is of two different colours of hair dye from Lunatik Hair Dye. For anyone that knows me well, you will know I love purple. I have been dying my hair this colour (and others) for around 8 or so years. I have tried so many brands of hair dye, I won't say all but nearly all. Manic panic, Stargazer, Directions, Adore, Crazy Colour, Special Effects, Splat, Schwarzkopf, Arctic Fox, I am sure there are a few others but I can't remember the name. 

A bit about Lunatik Hair Dye. 
  • Lunatik is Paraben-Free, PPD-Free, Ammonia Free, Fragrance-Free, and Vegan.
  • The colour is developed using minerals which help nourish the hair fibers
  • The hair dye was designed to be demi-permanent, which means  it outlasts the semi­-permanent brands but isn’t permanent so you can change it-up in a couple of months.
  • They made sure that there was no animal-testing done while producing the dye. Also that all of the ingredients were safe for humans as well.
This was my hair before I bleached my roots. I tried to get old colour, after many years of different dyes the main part of my hair was a pale blue colour.

I didn't always have long hair but as my hair got longer, some brands just didnt work as easy. 
Either the consistency of the product was a bit thick, or there just wasn't enough for your money. I am not saying any of the other brands were rubbish, they just didn't always work that great for me. I mainly do my hair myself. So sometimes, when bleaching my roots, I can miss a little bit or not totally cover it as well. So you end up with parts that are a little brassy orange looking. Some brands of dye would just not take to this, this is where Lunatik Hair Dye has been the winner for me. 

My pro's and con's, they are based on my opinion of what I like when it comes to hair dye. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to doing my hair  but like most people, it is really annoying when you have spent ages doing your hair only to have patches! So unless I actually missed bits, the coverage was so even and bright!

The two colours I got were, VF Purple and Killer Candy.

This was after the very first time using the colour

  • You get 118ml of product. Which is at the higher end of amount, some other brands you get 88ml, 100ml. So this is good to remember when we talk about price. 
  • The consistency is on the thinner side, I prefer this as it makes it easier to blend if you want to do an ombre of colour and it also spreads further. 
  • It is very highly pigmented, it colours your hair really well, even if it isn't bleached super blonde first. (Obviously it wont make your hair super bright but it will avoid leaving those annoying brassy bits that can sometimes show up)
  • It is easy to dilute with conditioner. I do this when I just want to freshen my hair up and don't want to use loads of dye. 
  • Its now stocked in the UK at Kate's Clothing 
  • Also it didn't stain my bath nearly as bad as some other brands and any marks were much easier to clean up! Although in my 8 years of colouring my hair, I make much less mess. I rent my house, so keeping everywhere clean is important!
  • I'm not overly keen on bottles because it makes it harder to get every last bit out. Plus I like keeping tubs to use after to mix colours in, so I prefer a tub. However because it is a thinner consistency it comes out the bottle really easy.
  • It is on the pricer end of the list but you get more that some of the other brands. 
The main question is, how longer does it last. This all depends on your hair care routine. For me, the super brightness lasts around 4 weeks. I wash my hair  twice a week at most. I tend to try use less shampoo, as this strips colour more easy. If products do build up, like conditioner and hair sprays, I will do a really good shampoo  after a couple of weeks.
At about the 4 week mark I do like to top it up a bit to get that brightness back. 
I do sometimes go 8 weeks without adding more colour, which is my hair in the last photo. 

Other handy tips when colouring your hair. 
  • Swatch test first. 
  • Put Vaseline or something similar around hair line and ears
  • Wear rubber or plastic gloves
  • Do not mix with peroxide 
  • Do not put on eyelashes or eyebrows. 
Since the first time I use this dye I have switch the colours around, to VF purple on the top and Killer Candy on the ends. My hair was slightly darker and I have roots in this photo. The last photo is my hair now. After it being washed out for a weeks. Its dull but will be easy to top up. 

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