Friday, 21 August 2015

VE Cosmetics - Makeup Review

I love makeup and beauty products! What I love more about makeup is knowing where it comes from and what it has been made with. So over the last few months I have been lucky enough to receive lots of lovely items from a new makeup and cosmetics label, VE Cosmetics. Set up by Violeteyes, who I have been lucky enough to model my latex but yet to meet in real life! (soon though!)

They don't just do makeup, you can get a range of all sorts of products. Bath bombs, face masks, perfume, moisturisers, shampoo bars, body scrubs and candles. A really great think they offer is a 'perfectly imperfect' section, this is where you can buy items that don't meet the quality that they aim to make but do not want the items to go to waste. On orders over £25 you get free delivery within the UK and if you give them on follow on facebook you can be the first to hear about offers.

'VE cosmetics was born out of a love of make up and trying to find makeup that I would be happy to put on my skin. I spent a long time reading into the ingredients of makeup brands and wondering what  I was putting on my face and why all the chemicals were needed, (along with the worry of what the chemicals were actually doing to my skin/body).' - Violet

My first review is going to be of their loose eyedust. Below is the look I created, I am no make up artist so I am sure my looks will improve over time.

The colours I used were Violeteyes, Pucker Up Pixie, Silver Fox, Moon and then Cat Eye Liner. The really great think about the loose eye dust is that you can apply it wet or dry. If you apply wet with by adding a little water you get a darker more creamy colour. I did this for my eyebrows and lining around and over my eye. I did the same with other colours too. I applied Moon and Pucker Up Pixie dry as well. Then I lined around my eye with the Cat Eye Liner. I am really pleased with this over all look and the best part is, I know it has been lovingly made and ingredients are all vegan friendly and cruelty free.  As you can see from the photo above, the colours are solid and bright. 

Violeteyes - This is their signature colour, its my favourite shade of purple, great applied wet or dry and has a shimmer too it. 

Pucker Up - A light pink colour with a shimmer, great applied wet or dry. 

Cat Eye Liner - A lovely black eyeliner. (I did also use this on my eye brows in another makeup look)

To apply the eye shadow and liner I used a thin make up brush for the detailed parts. 

If you can't see an item on their website it may be out of stock but if you give them a follow on facebook and join the mailing list, you can get updates when items are back in stock. 

If you aren't already, go give their facebook and instagram a follow. Their will be lots of lovely photos of new products, customer photos and other reviews.

Thank you for reading my first review! <3

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